Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lenten Daily Dose - 3rd Sunday

Hello all, 

For most of my life I have spent time learning about God.  Early on I was formally schooled, later I read books, listened to seminars, and attended retreats.   I could truly say that I had knowledge of God. 

At one point I was introduced to an experience with God.  The experience offered me some more learning, yet I could not describe exactly what I had learned.  A while ago somebody told me that what I had gained was some wisdom in God.  Wisdom comes from knowing something then experiencing it in real life. 

I am the first to admit that I have much wisdom to gain.  On the other hand, I would be remiss to ignore the wisdom I have accumulated. 

My story:
The knowledge of God is easy to accumulate.  Read books, go to classes, talk to others, and attend retreats.  I have done a lot of all the above.  The experience part was a bit more difficult.

My experience came in the form of silence.  Over time an odd set of circumstances introduced me to the power of silence.  I began to integrate “quiet times” into multiple times of my days.  The experience of silence with God started to transform into wisdom in God. 

People have spent entire lives trying to describe the wisdom of God that they find in silence.  None of these people has fully succeeded in articulating the fullness of their wisdom.  All I can say is that, the wisdom is ongoing and it is pure.  It is a life changer. 

I am not saying that silence is the only way to experience God; it is simply the best way that I have experience God.  Many people have found it to be a powerful tool that takes time to develop.  If you are at all enticed by this notion of silence, I would encourage you to follow your curiosity.  Silence in God can change a life.  

Steve Arendt

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