Friday, March 9, 2012

Lenten Daily Dose - 2nd Friday

Our readings at Mass today really struck me. Click here for the readings.

They are actually mirror images. I'm reminded of that classic adage about the dynamic of Sacred Scripture in our Catholic Christian tradition: "The Old Testament foretells the New Testament and the New Testament fulfills the Old Testament."

Israel (previously known as Jacob), Joseph(of multi-colored coat fame); the Vineyard Owner, the Servants, the Son, God the Father and the God the Son; the Crucifixion, the Day of Judgment; Reconciliation and Restoration.

It's a tidal wave from scripture today!  And what is most jarring and startling about it is that the Word of God, Sacred Scripture, Jesus himself, spoken not only into time and space from all and for all eternity, is also spoken to ME!  The Word is spoken to ME!  And It, or rather He, wants me to respond.

For our prayer today: if I don't go to Mass everyday, do I take the time to search out the daily readings from Mass and take the time to read them and spend a little time reflecting on what they might be saying to me? If I do go to daily Mass, how can I make the readings resonant to me throughout the day?

Here's a few web sites to check out.
This one will give you the daily readings. We also have this link on our parish web site.
This link goes to a magazine called Magnificat. It has the daily readings in them along with brief reflections and also Morning and Evening Prayers. I highly recommend it!

Peace to you,

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