Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Homily Follow-up

Below is the prayer that I read during the homily on Sunday (today, 12/30).  It's part of a longer Devotion called "Mother of Perpetual Help Devotions" that was written by St. Alphonsus Liguori.  The prayer is below; along with some links about the Devotion and St. Alphonsus.

"Mother of Perpetual Help, bless our families with your tender, motherly love. May the sacrament of Marriage brings husbands and wives ever closer together that they may always be faithful and love each other as Christ loves us. Help all mothers and fathers love and cherish the children that God has entrusted to them. May they always be models of a truly Christian life. Help all children, that they may love and respect their parents. Inspire all people to value Christian marriage and family life. Give us a sense of responsibility that we may do our part in making our homes havens of love and peace. Mary, our model, help every family grow daily in genuine love for God and neighbor so that justice and peace may flourish everywhere in the human family." (emphasis added)

Link to biography of St. Alphonsus
Link to information about the Devotion (offered every Tuesday at MQP following the 8am Mass)

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