Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Daily Point for Prayer

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Jesus looks upon the crowd with "pity" because they looked "troubled and abandoned."  I think we can safely replace the word "pity" with "compassion" and then understand a little better why Jesus would want to heal as many people as possible. It is because they are troubled and abandoned that Jesus does good things for them.

So, there's a point for prayer: can we remember a time when we were troubled and abandoned and the Lord touched us through a kind word or action from someone we know, or even a stranger- an angel? A perfectly timed phone call or smile or act of Love that pulled us out of our angst? And can we ask the Lord to heighten our sensibilities that we may look with compassion upon those who are feeling troubled and abandoned and with a smile, a act of Love, or a simple prayer of intercession, relieve their suffering, if only for a moment?


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