Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Daily Point for Prayer

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Moses encounters the Lord and he is then sent on Mission. An encounter with the Lord changes lives; it changes plans and preferences and priorities. An encounter with the Lord sends us on Mission too. Maybe nothing so daunting as saving God's people, but we are called and then empowered to Mission, empowered to Witness to our discipleship.

So, today, let's be aware of this encounter: first at our Baptism and then every time we receive the Lord in Word or Eucharist or Prayer. We are given the opportunity to encounter the Lord everyday!  What then is the Mission He gives us? Certainly our vocations. But what else? What experiences or opportunities may He give us today that will be our Mission to serve Him and others? Maybe an act of Love, Service or Forgiveness or Healing that He wants us to work today? Maybe a kind word or smile for someone who needs it? Maybe a few moments of deep prayer to nourish and refresh our tired spirit?

May we be aware of those encounters and be willing to embrace the Mission that follows. Today. And every day.


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