Friday, July 12, 2013

Daily Point for Prayer

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Jesus continues his words of instruction to the Apostles before they begin preaching the Gospel. He warns them to "beware of those wolves in sheep's clothing" and then encourages them to not worry about what they are to say on His behalf because the Spirit will give them the right words at the right time.

Here, then, is our point for prayer today. As we engage today, whether we find ourselves with wolves or sheep, with either those open or closed to the Gospel, may we have words that are wise and prudent. These are Gifts of the Spirit. So today we ask the Lord to renew in us the Gifts of Wisdom and Prudence. If called upon to show that we are disciples of Jesus Christ may the words we use show friend and foe alike that it's not our Gospel we follow, but Jesus's Gospel: to Love and Serve and Give.


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