Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Daily Point for Prayer

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Notice the way in which the Father provides for his children. He gives them their daily portion of bread. And notice that when we pray the "Our Father" we ask for our "daily bread". This is the great reality in which we live: the Father gives to us each what we need.

This then is our point for prayer: as we go about our day to today, as we live out our vocation and find ourselves with the people, and in the circumstances we will, let us recognize that the Father will give to us exactly what we need to encounter and engage with those people and circumstances. He gives to us through this Eucharist and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit that which we need to do and be today.

Let's be confident throughout the day, even if the day grows long and difficult, that the Lord has provided to us that which we need. He has done it today; and He will do it tomorrow.


Today's Saint: Saint Sharbel Makhluf

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