Thursday, July 11, 2013

Daily Point for Prayer

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Today we celebrate the Feast Day of St. Benedict. (Click here for his bio)

Benedict was a holy man, dedicated to serving God and those around him. Likewise, the church recently announced that it would canonize two former Popes: John XXIII and John Paul II. I love the idea that we are witnesses to this moment. It shows us that there are good people out there who witness to the fact that Love is possible and that ultimately, Love triumphs.

Saints are still being made: in our time. But there are saints among us, now! In our homes, our workplaces. And most importantly, in the mirror. Today, let's ask the Lord to bless us with a real desire to continue walking our Faith journey to holiness, to perfect Love. Let's ask St. Benedict, St. Pope John XXIII and St. Pope John Paul II to pray for us that we may burn with the same desire to Love and serve God and those around us.

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