Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Daily Point for Prayer

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Thomas recognized the Lord not by His face, but by His wounds. Likewise, a mystic from the Counter Reformation (I can't remember which one), wrote that the Father recognizes the Son from the wounds He bore to accomplish the Father's plan for the redemption and salvation of human kind.

Today, let's pray that we may see and respond to the brokenness and wounded-ness that we see in others. Those who are sick, lonely, afraid; the poor, the marginalized; those who are mourning; those who are closest to us that need healing. Let's look into their wounds, and in seeing the Lord there, help to heal them through words and actions of Love. In assisting the Divine Physician to heal others, we serve Him.  Today, we work with the Lord to help to heal others, even as we are being healed.

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