Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lenten Spiritual Reading

Are you looking for Spiritual Reading this Lent, here are few suggestions. (Click on the titles for a link to amazon.com)

1. In Coversation with God, Volume 2 - daily reflections by Father Francis Fernandez
2. Saint Paul - short essays by Pope Benedict XVI
3. Church Fathers - 2 volumes (Volume 1 - Volume 2) of short essays by Pope Benedict XVI
4. The Virtues - a volume of short essays by Pope Benedict XVI
5. Great Teachers - ditto
6. Jesus, the Apostles and Early Church - ditto
6. Jesus of Nazareth, Part 2- Holy Week - Pope Benedict at his best.
7. Woman, Why are you Weeping? - daily reflections by John Timmerman
8. Simon, Called Peter: In the Company of a Man in Search for God - one of my favorite books by Father Mauro-Giuseppe Lepori
8. The Way of the Disciple - a great book by a monk, Erasmo Leiva-Merikakis

Start anywhere- dive in and let the Lord guide you!

Peace to you today!

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