Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What I'm Reading Now...

A book called The Way of Silent Love (click here for book description).  It's written by an anonymous Carthusian Monk. It's actually a series of retreat conferences given on The Beatitudes (Click here for Scripture passage).

It's a remarkably beautiful book; I recommend it to you, and would like to share two brief excerpts.

"... if the essence of the spiritual life is a personal relationship of love with God, it is a relationship with a Person who is (apparently) absent and invisible, and we need constantly to look for the signs of his presence, principally in his Word, to give substance to the bonds that unite us to him" (66).

"Thus, it is intimate and personal prayer, this 'exchange of love where one meets one to one this God by whom one knows one is loved', that sustains living, personal contact with God" (70).

Peace to you,

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