Thursday, October 20, 2011

Movie to see: "The Way"

I went and saw a movie on Monday afternoon called, The Way.

It stars Martin Sheen and was written, directed and produced by his son, Emilio Estevez (he also has a minor, recurring role in the movie).

It tells the story of a man who loses his son. He undertakes a pilgrimage along a famous route in northern Spain to a shrine where it is held in Tradition that St. James the Apostle is buried.  As the man, played by Sheen, makes the 500 mile pilgrimage, he meets a cast of colorful characters along the way.

As their relationships develop and deepen, the good and bad side of the human condition come to light and each character must face themselves and the others is a new way.

The ending of the movie is very, very moving. It will leave you thinking; perhaps, like me, wanting to see it again.

I recommend this movie to you. You will not be disappointed.

Peace to you,

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