Wednesday, October 5, 2011

True Self/False Self: A Way to Peace

So, for our daily prayer...

Click and read Psalm 46.

Then, read this:

"God is within- within our cities, within our communities and families, within our hearts. Let us turn within and get in touch with this God of might who is a God of love. Getting in touch with our true self, the self that is one with all others, we can find a peace that can only rejoice that the Lord burns all chariots of war, that he makes war to cease to the end of the earth, that he need us to use our genius to create a better world for everyone" (Pennington, 71).

From Psalms: A Spiritual Commentary, by Father M. Basil Pennington, OCSO

This is a great book; I recommend it to you for spiritual reading.

Peace to you.

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