Saturday, August 3, 2013

Some Fuel for Prayer

"God loves us more than we realize or can ever repay Him. Remember weakness is no hinderance to love: in our relations with God it is even an enormous strength. Let us remain, then, united in weakness, in prayer, and in the desire to belong wholly to God" (p 120.

"Believe, the, that in this topsy-turvy world in which we have to live, in this world so bereft of peace and so far from God- above all in our soul, that soul so crushed- GOD IS PRESENT: loving, giving Himself, pouring His peace into souls of good will... Believe this, I say, not trying to understand it nor seeking to feel it. For to believe is precisely to gives one's assent to a word without understanding or feeling. Believe" and that very Word, the Word of God, will transform us into Himself, and make us partakers in His Life" (p 19).

[From They Speak by Silences, by a Carthusian Monk. Gracewing Press: Herefordshire, 1955.]

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