Thursday, August 8, 2013

Daily Point for Prayer

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Notice all the rebuking that's going on: first Peter to Jesus, and then Jesus to Peter. In Greek, the word used for "to rebuke" means to put back into place. First, Peter tries to put Jesus back into place. But that's not gonna work. So Jesus has to put Peter back into place.  In all the bravado, Peter has placed himself in front of Jesus. So that's why Jesus says, "Get behind me!"

The point here is that Jesus wants to go to suffering and death before Peter. No doubt, Peter will have his time of persecution, suffering and death. But before then, Jesus has to go!  Jesus is going to do it before Peter!  Get behind me Peter! Let me do it first! That's what Jesus is saying.

Today, we can live in this awareness. That as we confront the difficult parts of our live and relationships; as we confront the difficult parts of our vocations, our discipleship, our striving to be holy and be with the Lord, we can rest assured, with trust and confidence that Jesus is going before us! He is already leading us even though we may be unaware.  Let's stay behind the Lord today- let's allow him to do the heavy lifting and fighting for us. May we remain faithful- following close behind!


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