Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Daily Point for Prayer

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Notice the way in which the landowner is lavish, almost foolish, with his own money. If we apply this parable to our God and Father we can reflect on how remarkably generous God is to us, His Beloved Sons and Daughters.

So, two points for prayer today:  sometimes the greatest thing we can do in our relationship with the Lord is to receive the gifts He is constantly giving us. As we go about our day today, let us be aware of the things and blessings and ways in which is giving to us. And may we have receptive hearts. Secondly, let's pray too that we might have an opportunity to be generous like Him. May we share the good things that God has given us by being generous with our time, our Love, our forgiveness, our compassion. In these two ways we mirror our God and Father who is madly in Love with His Beloved Sons and Daughters. May we receive that Love and share it.


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