Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Daily Point for Prayer

Click here for today's Scripture readings.

The invitation from the Lord today is two fold. From our first reading, we are invited to reflect back and to identify the good gifts that God has given us because of our fidelity and righteousness before him. The Lord has indeed blessed us: can we name those blessings and then with gratitude and humility, acknowledge the Giver of those gifts.

Secondly, Jesus invites us to bear fruit for Him. He wants us to work with him to bring about good things in the world. In what ways can we bear fruit for the Lord that will last? Perhaps in the way we hand on our faith and values to our children and grandchildren; the way in which we reach out in random acts of kindness; the way in which we love and give and forgive.  In these ways, we bring about fruit that reflects our faith in, and our Love for, Jesus Christ.

Today then, we give thanks for blessings received and we recommit ourselves to being instruments of God’s working in the world.

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