Thursday, May 3, 2012

Today's Readings and Saint: St. Ephrem the Syrian

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And today's Doctor of the Church is St. Ephrem the Syrian.

St. Ephrem was born around 306 and died in 373. He is known as the ‘Harp of the Holy Spirit’, ‘Mary’s Own Singer’, and ‘Father of Hymnody’. As you may have guessed- his contribution to our Faith is music, poetry and theology. His feast day is June 9. Ephrem was born into a Christian family was ordained a deacon in the Church. He had a passion for music, poetry and theology and wove a beautiful tapestry of all three into a single corpus of work that communicates in a beautiful and unique way the complex and utterly amazing mysteries of the deepest Truths of our Faith.  For Ephrem, poetry and music allowed him access to a seemingly unlimited treasury of images with which he could teach these Truths. 

Read this beautiful exposition of Ephrem about the riches of Faith and the Eucharist. He says  that both faith and the Eucharist is like a pearl:
“I placed (the pearl), my brothers, on the palm of my hand, to be able to examine it. I began to look at it from one side and from the other: it looked the same from all sides. Thus is the search for the son inscrutable, because it is all light. In its clarity I saw the Clear One who does not grow opaque; and in this purity, the great symbol of the Body of the Our Lord, which is pure. In his indivisibility I saw the truth which is indivisible” (from the Hymn, On the Pearl).

St. Ephrem also gave himself to works of Love. He contracted a disease while tending to those sick with the plague and died as a result. St. Ephrem dedicated his life to serving both God and those who were in need. Let us ask to him to pray for us and inspire in us a wonder and awe at God’s greatness and good to us; and renewed commitment to help those who are in need. Amen.

Have a good day. Peace and prayers for you.

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