Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mass Changes: Part VI

VII. The Eucharistic Prayer
-V. “Let us give thanks to the Lord.” R/. “It is right and just.”  Not only a closer translation to the Latin but it’s also a declaration strong enough not to need further explanation. This phrase, ‘right and just’ will also provide a transition to the preface that begins with these words too.

-“Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of Hosts” – This hymn gives praise to God before we ask the Spirit to perform this miracle in front of us. This text is taken from Isaiah 6:3 and has to do with God’s supreme holiness.  It’s the song the angels sing in heaven, all the time. When we sing it, we join in the eternal and perpetual hymn of praise to God the Father. The word ‘hosts’ means army and it’s the word used in Latin. But the word indicates God’s providence over all creation, the creation that He created.

-The words of the Institution Narrative, said by the priest are changing too. They are to be closer to the Latin words.  The most noticeable change may be from “all” to “many”.  The universal dimension of Jesus’ salvation hasn’t change; it’s just a closer translation of the Latin. In this way, the proportion of many includes all- those now and before and to come: that is ‘many’.

-An Acclamation of Faith – “The mystery of Faith” – The priest makes the announcement and the people make the acclamation.  The actual acclamation are changed to closer to the Latin; the insertion of O and other words help with the rhythm and refocuses the lenses on Jesus’s roles as Lord and Savior

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