Thursday, September 22, 2011

iCatholic- iPray

I've had my iPhone for a little better than a year. It's also a pretty cool tool and toy! I've also accumulated some pretty cool apps, some of which I use in my daily prayer life.

If you've got an iPhone or other smart phone and you're looking for some apps to help you pray, these are the ones I have on my phone.  (I'll list them with the name that appears after I've downloaded them, and then their full name.)

1. "RC Calendar": The Roman Catholic Liturgical Calendar, by Universalis.  It's the calendar of the Church's liturgical year complete with Feast Days, Solemnities, biographies of the daily saints, daily Mass readings and other prayers.
2. "Catholic Bible": Catholic Public Domain version
3. "Recordatio": a collection of writings from Popes and Saints, as well as prayers and devotions.
4. "iBreviary TS": Breviary Pro Terra Sancta.  So, have you heard of the Liturgy of the Hours? This is the app version of that daily prayer book. Priests, deacon, religious and even some lay people offer the Liturgy of the Hours at several points throughout the day. If I'm on the go and I forget my hard copy Breviary, this app comes in handy!
5. "John Paul II": a collection of his writings, teachings, biography, pictures, and prayers.
6. "TBP": The Better Part. A daily devotion using successive Scripture readings and then reflections.
7. "Church Father Daily Minder": A daily devotion using the writings of the Early Church fathers, followed by a priest reflection question and prayer.
8. "ContPrayer": An Introduction to Contemplative Prayer, by Pauline Press. This is a great app that I haven't really explored that much. It looks like a 4 week outline to begin learning and practicing Contemplative prayer. (Stay tuned for more info here.)
9. "Confession": Confession: A Roman Catholic App.  A parishioner told me about this a while. I knocked it earlier, but it really is a cool resource to help me prepare for the Sacrament and then celebrate it well. (Thanks C.F!)
10. "Jesus Calling": a daily devotion, short reflection followed by related Scripture verse(s). A parishioner told me about this last weekend and I downloaded it immediately... I'm hooked. (Thanks S.R!)

So, that's what I've got.  Anyone have another one that you like?

Peace my friends.

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