Wednesday, September 18, 2013

RCIA Week 2

Last night we talked about Faith, Reason and had a brief introduction to Grace.

Here's a link to more information on the movie trilogy, "The Matrix". Again, I highly recommend watching all three of these movies!

-Our faith is not in Creeds(strictly speaking, the actual creeds), but in God, a person, His Son, Jesus Christ. (Kreeft)
-Faith is an act of the will; it involves the whole human person: will, intellect and feelings.
-Faith and reason are not contradictory.  Our intellect, our reason, when ordered properly, can take us closer to God, not further from Him.
-From the CCC, Grace is divine favor; the free and undeserved help from God. It helps us to respond to God's invitation to become his Adopted sons and daughters (CCC).
-Grace is also the participation in the Divine Life. Remember the metaphor of the field covered in fog.

Next week: God the Father, the Triune God. Man made in His image.

As a reminder: meetings with Father Craig are in his office. Father Craig's office is in the Parish Center: the brick building (the old church) between the priest's house and the convent.

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