Monday, August 27, 2012

Mark Chapter 12

Continuing from Friday, this first parable (vv. 1-12) follows up the actions of Chapter 11.  There is not a lot that is veiled here- Jesus is calling the Pharisees ad scribes out on the carpet. His patience is exhausted and one could read this with a certain contempt on the part of Jesus. But, remember Jesus passionate plea for repentance: Jesus’s lack of patience is meant to provide these people with one last chance for conversion.

Sadly, there are not too many takers at this point. Not only has Jesus gone this far to his own crucifixion, but the mechanism that would bring him to that crucifixion are also set in motion and there is no turning back. His exchange with the Pharisees that extends through v. 13-44 shows the tension in the air and reveals the fact that Jesus can do no more for them who would preside at his trial and crucifixion.

But there are hidden nuggets here: Jesus setting up the intersection between faith life and public life (vv. 13-17); Jesus reminding us of the Greatest Commandment to Love and Serve (vv. 28-34); and a final emphasis on generosity and authenticity (vv. 41-44).

Point for Prayer
How well do I reflect the Lord’s Greatest Commandment in my own life? In what ways can I live that better in the individual moments and relationships that make up my life?

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