Friday, June 8, 2012

Daily Scripture Reading

Here's a link to the Daily Scripture Reading.

And here's a thought in follow-up to the first reading which is from St. Paul's second letter to St. Timothy:  If you started reading the Gospel of Matthew today and did one chapter a day all the way through John's Gospel, that will pretty much run up pretty close to Advent...

Ok...wait... did some more research, here's the scoop. The four Gospels combined have a total chapter count of 89.  Now, if we read one chapter a day, Monday through Friday, that would take us 18 weeks, which would take us to the middle of October.

So, here's a idea: what if, starting Monday, June 11, we started with the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 1 and read one chapter, Monday through Friday, all the way to the Gospel of John, chapter 21?

We'll take the weekends off to allow the Word to seep in and to reflect and to allow the Sunday readings to continue the nourishing.

I'll provide a brief summary every day of each chapter when I post the link to the Daily Scripture readings and offer any explanation for some of the more complex verses/ideas that Jesus offers.

Whattayathink?  Who's in?

Have a great day and a restful weekend.

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